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Diy solutions aganist garden pests

Summer is here and your garden is attacked by all kinds of insects that can harm plants or animals. Here are some ideas to get rid of them.

Even if your first impulse is to resort to chemical solutions for a quickly result, there are some organic methods that work very effectively.

• Trap for insects: a fly or wasp isn’t a plant’s or vegetable best friend. To catch them, you can realize a trap using narrow-necked plastic bottles. All you have to do is fill the plastic bottle with a sweet substance which attracts insects and they won’t get out because of the sticky walls.
• Organic Insecticides: for insects that invade fruits and vegetables it’s better not to use chemicals. The most known version is diatomaceous earth mixed up with topsoil.
• Protection against animals: to keep out pests larger than insects, you should enclose planted spaces with a mesh fence or barbed wire. As well you can choose advanced technology of an electric fence. For moles you have different traps.

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