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Top 3 plants easy to grow in your apartment

Rubber ficus Rubber ficus got its name from the milky and sticky sap which is produced if it’s scratched. Its dark-green leaves, large and glossy make it very stately. As it grows the rubber ficus turns into big and beautiful plant. Seflera Also called the “umbrella tree”, seflera has glossy …

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10 air purifying plants for your home

Plants generate vibrant energies and they are part of your home Feng Shui. Beyond that, plants purify the indoor air. According to several studies, some conducted even at NASA most plants remove up to 87% of air toxins, filter pollutants and carbon dioxide, releases oxygen and increases the humidity. Here …

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How to properly take cuttings from plants

The best time to collect young cuttings is in the early morning, when strains haven’t lost their moisture in contact with midday sun. If the weather was dry, it’s better to water your plants the night before. To take cuttings, use sharp secateurs not to hurt the plant. Take some …

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How to prolong the life of cut flowers

Flowers in vases are beautiful and welcome in every house, but unfortunately they don’t last long. Inevitably they wither and die, and the degradation process of flowers in vases is faster if in the house is warm. Here are a few tricks that extend the life of flowers in vases: …

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