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How to plant and grow a new lawn

To keep your garden clean and beautiful you have to take care of it: rake the lawn, collect the dry vegetation, paint the fence in other words bring your garden back to life. The green grass always will change your mood and I consider that a clean lawn is sufficient, especially when we are talking about small areas. Above this is cheap too.

When it’s recommended to plant grass?
It’s out of the question cold or hot periods and dry or rainy ones. Rain will scatter seeds and drought will make our work more difficult, because the lawn needs special care in the first period of growth. So, seasonal rainfall helps the grass to grow faster.

What kind of lawn we choose?
You have to keep in mind that there a few seeds mixtures that will grow better in sunny locations and others seeds suitable for shady places; so we must choose right. We have to consider what kind of soil we have in our yard: to a clayey soil we can add sand and to a sandy soil we can add peat.

How to prepare the land for planting?
Usually, the soil is prepared with a week before planting. We begin by digging the soil 15-20 cm depth, raking for leveling to remove garbage (if there’s any), dry vegetation or rocks. Add, in case you need sand or peat. Set the soil with a disc. After 2-3 days we’ll rake again. Finally, the loosening must be 2-3 cm depth. Then we’ll try to spread the seeds uniform in two stages: once over the surface then across it. After planting we’ll rake carefully then we’ll set easy the ground. With the seeds, being covered we can sprinkle water gently not to scatter them. After 7 or 10 days the green color will spread around.

How to take care of your lawn?
We will take into account three operations: mowing, watering and fertilizing the lawn. We have to mow the lawn a week or 10 days when the thread reaches 7-10 cm. We will leave a height of 3-5 cm.
Water the lawn daily in hot and dry periods or for about 2-3 days when the rain is reduced. We won’t wet the grass at midday, especially in hot periods. Watering is done in the early morning or evening.
Fertilizing is recommended to be made in fall. For a healthy development the lawn needs nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer mixture that can be found in specialty stores.

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