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Amazing ideas. Decorate your house and garden with wooden barrels

If you have an old wine barrel and for various reasons it’s no good for wine storage you can transform it in one or more pieces of furniture for your house and garden. If you are a wood lover, we propose a few ideas to transform wine barrels into useful decorative items.

With very few changes, we can transform a wooden barrel in a dog cage. Besides that it’s very roomy and comfortable for the “four legs” family member, the wooden barrel can serve as a decorative item in your garden.

Another option, even if it requires more effort, is to transform the barrel into a rustic support for your flower arrangements or in a hammock to relax on summer evenings.

If your house is decorated in rustic style or you live in an apartment loft style (where several styles are combined) from half a barrel you can make a coffee table for your living room by adding some standing for stability.

Even more spectacular is to provide a support for the bathroom sink from half a barrel fixed to the wall.

And if you are the lucky owner of a cellar in which you arranged a winery, we assure you that your friends will be stunned if you transform a wine barrel into mini-bar table in the middle of the winery. You can surround the table with little wooden chairs.

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