10 best gardening tips useful for everyone

No one can deny these 10 gardening tips, especially that they are useful for experienced gardeners and also for beginners. Gardening is one of the most useful and healthy ways to be active. It’s said that those in charge of a vegetable or flower garden prolongs its life with five years. Gardening is tonic, is relaxing, it stimulates all muscle groups and it brings great satisfaction because you can earn money.

Here are the top 10 tips for gardening

The right tools. Buy tools for your garden because it will make your work easier. Always buy quality tools, even though they are more expensive it will last longer than the cheap ones.

Keep tools in one place. Organize a place to store tools. This place should be dry and protected from rodents and it has to be well ventilated to prevent mold. One of the 10 best gardening tips is to keep tools all together. Otherwise, you’ll lose time to look for tools you need.

Mow trees and shrubs at least twice a year. First mow is to stimulate blooming and is done before the crack and the second is for maintenance, when needed. Pruning branches is always oblique, and this is one of the 10 tips for gardening!

Water the plants in the morning. During the day, sun and water increase the risk of blight burning leaves and it will destroy plants. Watering them in the morning they will use the water during the day and under the sunlight they’ll grow. Evening watering can cause illness and so should be avoided. Plants can be watered in the evening only in the windy days.

Keep weeds under control. It‘s mandatory and is one of the 10 gardening best tips. Weeds will dry the soil and will choke the plants. Use herbicides or natural solutions, but never in excess, or weed out regularly the garden.

Don’t let pests multiply. Often we avoid pests that can infect plants with some diseases. Therefore, whenever you notice some problems you should immediately use pest solutions.

Don’t overdo it with fertilizer. Whether natural or chemical don’t overdo it with fertilizer. These can damage plants and can damage soil quality. The doses of fertilizer must be strictly observed.

No pets allowed in the garden. Dogs and cats tend to encroach on your garden. You can keep pets away by spraying a concentrated chili solution to limit the area where you want to keep away your dog or cat. Protect your eyes and keep pets away one day after applying the solution. The solution is a concentrated chili tea (5-6 minced chilies per liter of water).

Take care of your soil. Soil quality is essential for the welfare of the garden so you have to take care of it by avoiding digging too deep or excessive plowing or chemicals excess.

Watch the schedule. Working in the garden has its own rules and to respect the gardener’s calendar is one of the 10 best gardening tips. Planning helps you be organized and to finish your job in time. If you respect the gardening timetable, you’ll have great chances to avoid pests and to have a blooming garden.

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