How to get rid of ants without chemicals

It is said that ants are hardworking between other insects but when you found them in your house or in your garden they aren’t very praiseworthy. And maybe you are wondering how to get rid of them without insecticide. Here are a few tips:

Clean the house and avoid leaving food scraps. Keep your pet food in a second vessel filled with water. Take away your trash twice a day and leave the trash can empty and clean. Isolate the small holes around your house with silicone. These are preventive ways to get rid of them.

Apple vinegar. Its antifungal properties help you to remove ant mounds. Ants feed with mushrooms then they grow them in the anthill. Pour vinegar into the anthill and they will go away.

Grounded black pepper, cinnamon or grounded bay leaves. You can combine them with water and pour into the anthill or sprinkle pepper / cinnamon / bay ground in places where ants pass.

Prepare a concentrated mint tea and put chili in it. Pour this potion in a spray bottle and sprinkle through where ants pass.

Hot water. It’s very effective this method if you pour hot water daily for 10 days. 1 liter of water will do the job.

Coffee powder or coffee grounds will keep the ants away if you sprinkle coffee in their way.

Boric acid. Mixed it with sugar and water then apply it in areas with ants.

Talcum mint powder sprinkled around the anthill will help.

Cucumbers, lemon slices and lemon juice are also good solutions that keep ants away. Dishwashing detergent is also effective.

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