4 ways to use coffee grounds in the garden

If you drink coffee every day, you can collect coffee grounds and used it wisely because it helps in enriching soil nutrients.

1. Fertilizer

Fresh coffee grounds bring lots of benefits to your garden. It’s rich in nitrogen and potassium, so it’s recommended to mix it with topsoil.

2. Flea solution

To get rid of a flea infestation, put coffee grounds over the washed fur of your pet. Rub and rinse well before the fur to dry completely. There may be need to clean well the fur.

3. Get rid of wasps

By burning coffee grounds you’ll repel wasps, mosquitoes and other insects. Put on an aluminum tray dried coffee grounds. For an efficient combustion, mix coffee grounds with dry leaves or coal. The smoke will keep insects away for several hours.

4. Natural Pesticide

If you put coffee grounds in the garden it will help to nourish the plants and you’ll ward off ants, snails and slugs. Spread it on plants basis to ward off cats, rabbits and other creatures that feed with plants from your garden.

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