How to prolong the life of cut flowers

Flowers in vases are beautiful and welcome in every house, but unfortunately they don’t last long. Inevitably they wither and die, and the degradation process of flowers in vases is faster if in the house is warm.

Here are a few tricks that extend the life of flowers in vases:

Before putting the flowers in the vase, refresh the stem cut, removing two centimeters of it. It’s recommended to make an oblique cut of the stem, to increase the surface for water absorption. You must remove a part of the leaves because if they sit in water it will deteriorate very quickly.

Responsible for premature plants wilting are often microscopic bacteria and fungi that develop in the stale water from the vase. Therefore, replacing it daily, or even twice a day, your flowers will live longer. Wash the stems under running water and wash the vase inside. You will quickly remove all micro-organisms that destroy the flowers.

You can put in the water a crushed aspirin because it acts as a preservative. Another solution is to put sugar in the water (still works as a preservative) or honey (one teaspoon well dissolved in water). Other effective substitutes for chemical preservatives are: sugar and baking soda. A recommended method is to put 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water.

It’s also recommended the addition of alcohol. Rubbing alcohol slows plants ability to produce ethylene, explains specialists and prevents mold appearance.

How to prolong the life of cut flowers
How to prolong the life of cut flowers

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