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How to use eggshells as a natural fertilizer

Don’t throw the eggshells anymore. It’s an excellent natural fertilizer.

Eggshells are full of calcium and minerals, so it can be used as a garden fertilizer. Place them near tomato roots because this plant loses calcium easily and eggshells work as a good fertilizer.

The same thing you can do with indoor plants: place eggshells in pots.

Also, eggshells get you rid of snails that may attack crops. Scattered throughout the garden, eggshells are very good to keep away garden pests.

Put grounded eggshells a bottle with water and keep it for a few days in a dark and cold place. The water becomes a good fertilizer for plants in the garden.

And that’s not all. Crush eggshells until it becomes a fine powder and use it is to clean surfaces. They can be used to clean the trash or to unclog pipes.

Also you can use eggshells as laundry bleach. Put the eggshells in a gauze bag and throw it in the washing machine along with the laundry.

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