12 tips for june gardening

June is the first summer month and tradition says it’s one of the most restless months in the garden because spring mixes with summer. In June you can do everything in the garden: planting, drilling, but also you can collect the first fruits. Also in June the preparations for fall and winter begin.

Here are 12 tips for a perfect garden in June

1. June is the last month when you can plant seeds and seedlings.
2. Collect rainwater. June is a rainy month and the next months are kind of drought, so the water will be precious.
3. Cut the spring flowers because they have ceased flowering in late May. Cut down the external plant parts. If you try you’ll not compromise flowers next spring.
4. Mow the lawn often, even twice a week.
5. June is the month of perennials plants, being the most suitable time in planting them. But before planting we should prepare the soil first.
6. Multiply roses by cutting flowers and dried leaves to stimulate the growth.
7. Fertilize the soil and it’s ideal to do it after rain.
8. In the vegetable garden, start to plant early summer vegetables (corn, beans, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkins, etc.).
9. Harvest vegetables as they ripen. If you don’t do this plants will stop from growing.
10. Make the first canned for winter. It’s time for strawberry sweetness, apricots and cherries bitter.
11. Stop pests from harming your garden with different treatments (preferable try organic ones).
12. Prepare the place to produce compost.


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