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Why you should have bird houses in your garden

Why building/buying bird houses in your garden? One reason is the joy of doing a good deed for those little noisy feathered souls. And the other reason is that birds are insectivore and it will balance the populations of insects in the garden. Some birds even have a key role in plants pollination. Enough reasons? See more in our article:

Regardless the shape and size these bird houses are decorative items for your garden, but also a bird magnet. Naturally, birds nest in hollows but in the garden they don’t have where to nest and these bird houses are a simple way to bring these little singers in the garden.

These bird houses are the best solution to bring life in your garden. Cheerful, singing and colorful, birds are an attraction for your garden. Most important is that the presence of birds reduces significantly reduce the number of harmful insects and pests and your garden will be healthier and happier.

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