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How and when to prune plants

Annual plant pruning in your garden or pots is useful for its correct growth.

To ensure a healthy plant development, keep in mind the following schedule:

January – fruit trees (if it’s not too cold);
February – all shrubs that don’t bloom in early spring and grape vines;
March – all roses (except the rose tree);
April – frost-sensitive plants such as Ceanothus and Caryopteris, herbaceous plants that bloom in winter, fuchsia, evergreen shrubs;
May – guilder-rose that blooms in spring;
June – some roses and lilies;
July – branches hanging over footpaths;
August – scarcer standard and tree roses;
September – long shoots of fruit trees which have already formed the terminal bud;
October – dried branches of trees and shrubs;
November – fruit trees and shrubs;
December – almost all garden and potted bushes (if it’s not too cold).

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