Mandatory gardening activities in July

Each month has its specific plan when it comes to gardening, so here are the main activities of mandatory gardening in July. In what concerns gardening, July is not a very busy month because flowers slow down their growth and you start collecting fruits and vegetables.

There are several gardening activities in July that we should not overlook.

Generally, the most important gardening activities from July means watering plants, fruit trees and care treatments against pests.

Fruit orchards take shape, but their weight can affect tree branches, which is why if you have fruit trees, their branches should be supported. Also, younger trees planted recently, need regular watering during this period, especially if it’s not raining.

It happens often that a fruit tree to have more fruit than you might expect. If there are too many fruits, it’s recommended to give up some of them. Therefore, collect fruits which are positioned at very small distances to give the others a chance to grow. Mid-July is the best time when you can do this. Reducing the number of fruits you’ll support the biological activity of the tree, stimulating the development of other fruits and preventing fungal diseases.

Apple, pear, quince, plum and peach trees are the main trees you must take care of.

In the vegetable garden the production must be checked daily, the crops must be collected to support production. July is the month with a great production in peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant, is also a productive month for beans and peas, and the first harvest of carrots and celery. Some of the root vegetables can be conserved for winter. July is the month to harvest onions, lovage, peas, green beans and garlic.

Check the fall onions and potatoes crops and remove pests with natural solutions. On the July gardening activities list are included the planting of carrots, cauliflower, fall beet, fall lettuce and the second harvest of broccoli.
After mid-July, many fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvest and you can start preparations for the fall garden. All these July gardening activities intertwine with the preparation of jams and marmalades for winter. July is the last month regarding the production of strawberries, and time when you should pay attention to the fruit trees: blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and shock.

In July, in the flowers area the problems start to appear. In July numerous pests appear: aphids on roses, caterpillars and birds. Where needed, use insecticide to eliminate pests and remove weeds.

One of the most important activities in July gardening is to maintain the soil moisture. If flowers can be wet in the evening after sunset, fruit trees and vegetables need special attention. Water well, twice a week the vegetable garden. This method is more effective than daily watering in a small amount.

Another gardening activity in July is preparing fall crops. July is the second spring and is the best time to seed vegetables in the fall. Do this in mid-July. You’ll collect your crops in September-October.

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