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10 air purifying plants for your home

Plants generate vibrant energies and they are part of your home Feng Shui. Beyond that, plants purify the indoor air.
According to several studies, some conducted even at NASA most plants remove up to 87% of air toxins, filter pollutants and carbon dioxide, releases oxygen and increases the humidity. Here are the top ten of house plants useful in purifying the air, especially in cold weather.

1. Aloe vera. This plant loves the sun, filters the air of benzene and formaldehyde, substances from chemicals used in cleaning or painting and removes beneficial secretions for healing burns. You have to place this plant at kitchen windows because they are well-lit.

2. Spider plant. Eliminate 85% of formaldehyde in the air and benzene, xylene, styrenes and carbon monoxide up to 95%. These plants are true “green filters” in homes with smokers because it eliminates nicotine.

3. Sansevieria. Filters chemicals found in cleaning products or sanitary napkins. It’s suitable in the bathroom because there is an optimal moist environment for its growth.

4. Chrysanthemum. It should be placed as close to sunlight and helps to remove airborne chemicals and dust. It’s suitable for living rooms and offices because is very decorative.

5. Dracaena with red borders. Purify the air of xylene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde. It looks nice and can be kept on the balcony or in the bedroom.

6. Azaleas. It’s a flower that will get you rid of formaldehyde and is recommended for enclosed spaces, including those without windows (basement, garage, balcony), but it needs light.

7. Peace lily. It’s a plant that needs shade and moisture. Clean the air of volatile chemicals and various toxic compounds in paints.

8. Areca (palm). It’s called “the most efficient air conditioner” and removes all the toxins from the air. It’s ideal in winter, especially in bedrooms and living rooms.

9. English Ivy. It’s an excellent remedy for allergies because 60% of indoor air mold is removed after 6 hours after being brought into the room. It’s ideal for people with asthma and allergic diseases.

10. Boston fern. Like English ivy has the capacity to remove mold and toxins from the indoor air. In addition, it will looks like a bush and is easy to take care of it. It’s ideal for bedroom.

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