Beneficial insects for your garden

Aphids, caterpillars, lice and other pests are happily waiting to attack your vegetables and flowers. You armed yourself with insecticides, but over time they lost their effectiveness or they start contaminating your plants. What do you have to do?

A new control method

Biological control started to be put into practice in gardens around the world. Just as you suppose, biological control is a solution that is based on using beneficial insects, insects that eat or parasitize pests, without destroying flowers or vegetables.
Well, insects like spiders, wasps or ladybugs, of which you were afraid can get you rid of garden problems.

The effectiveness of the method

In some countries have already appeared breeders and traders of beneficial garden insects. But it’s easier and cheaper to encourage the existing ones to remain in the garden than to bring new colonies.


Some tricks

Most beneficial insects feed themselves with nectar and pollen, so planting various flowers in the garden to bloom from early spring until late fall.
Cover the empty land with protective layers of leaves and grass cuttings. They will provide shade and shelter for insects.
Give up insecticides: they kill beneficial insects, leaving supplies vulnerable to a new wave of pests.


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