4 gardening mistakes you shouldn’t do anymore

Are you passionate about gardening and you’re doing everything you can to make your plants grow beautiful and harmonious, however things don’t go the way you expected? Here are the most common mistakes all gardeners make!

Planting randomly

Planting is one of the most important gardening processes. Before planting you must consider every plant characteristics, because some of them need more moisture, others more sun or shade or a certain soil type. And even the space between plants is extremely important for their development. So don’t ever plant by chance, just by every plant’s needs.

Excess watering

nother mistake, gardeners make, even the experienced ones, is excessive plant watering. To avoid plants rotting would be best to opt for an irrigation system that detects if the soil needs a higher humidity.

Get rid of invasive plants

Invasive plants spread rapidly and can be extremely harmful for your flowers and vegetables. It’s very important to remove weeds regularly and to notice when they reappear.

Planting in unprotected areas

If you live in an area far from the city, where animals can walk freely you have to consider this aspect. Don’t forget to protect your plants and crops by wild animals or even domestic ones who may have access to plants in your garden. A handy solution is to fence you crops.


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