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Did you know that these two plants keep misfortune away?

Want to keep misfortunes away? All you have to do is to bring in your home these two magic plants which keep bad luck to distance and attract luck on your side.

Bamboo is a plant easy to maintain and very pleasant. It is said that this plant attracts good luck like a magnet and sends misfortunes away. It’s perfect to keep this plant in the apartment or office.
You should keep in mind that bamboo loves moist soil and you should keep it in the sunlight. He needs fertilizing every two months.

Marigolds planted in pots, kept outside the door or at house windows forbid misfortune and evil spirits to come in the house. Furthermore, it is said that if you put a few marigold flowers in your bathtub you’ll be more attractive.
In addition, marigolds bring color and joy to any room and are easy to grow. All you have to do is to place them in the sunlight and water them when it’s needed.

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