How to collect and use rainwater at home?

Rainwater is beneficial to any garden and also for houseplants. Seize every rainy day and collect the water for your plants.

Collect rainwater

Rainwater is considered to be one of the cleanest types of water, because it doesn’t contain limestone and other type of mineral salts. On rainy days it’s better to collect rainwater in large containers such as barrels. They can be placed either under troughs or in areas where rainwater drains in large quantities.
When the barrel is filled with rainwater cover it with a lid and store it in a cool dark place like the shed or basement. Then use collected rainwater to water the plants in the garden on dry days. This way you your plants will grow healthy and harmonious.

The advantage of collecting rainwater

If you don’t have an irrigation system in the garden, your plants can suffer from lack of water in the dry months. Instead paying water bills, rainwater is for free and you can water the plants in your garden for free.
And if you have a large garden and the rainwater collected isn’t enough, used it only for the most sensitive plants.


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