How to Get Rid of Bats From Your Attic Without Hurting Them

Since their natural habitat is lost, bats have become accustomed to shelter in houses. But the house residents are not always excited by their new tenants.
It is very important not touching the bat that gets in the house because it can spread many diseases.

If the little creatures have installed in your attic, perhaps it is time to undergo some changes.

Start by looking for hiding places and areas where they can break into your attic. Do this in the evening, when the bats come out to hunt insects. When you find all the shelters, get a spray foam. You will use it in order to fill all cracks and holes in the roof where the bats can slip inside. Use a metal ladder to climb on the roof and be very careful because the risk of slipping is high unless you have experience!!!!

After you made sure that you have filled all possible cracks and holes, decide what way out you’ll let open (only one). A small window will be enough for bats to get out and never come back.

For this you need a net the size of that small window. It must be fixed so that one end remains free and bats can get out through it. When they try to re-enter the small window, bats will hit the net and will not succeed. When you make sure all the bats are out of your attic, remove the net and close the window.

After they return from hunting, bats will try to get inside the house through all the spaces. A 5-6 millimeters crack is large enough to get them access. It will take a period when bats will fly around your house looking for new access spots. Fortunately, bats will give up and will leave in search for a new shelter.

What to do if you got a bat in the house?

Bats are very active when the outside temperature is higher. In winter, they hibernate. It happens often in the evening, when a window or balcony door is open, to wake up with an uninvited guest inside the house.

Wherever the bat will settle, you should not panic. It will not do any harm. To get it out of your home unharmed you need: a box (not too large), and paper or a piece of cardboard bigger than the box opening. All you have to do is to cover the bat this box and then to place the cardboard between the ceiling and box so once removed from the ceiling, the bat can not escape.

Beware!!!! Use gloves!!! While trying to catch the bat, it may bite you. Bats carry diseases (rabies) that can be transmitted to humans.


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