4 Ways to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Garden

Snakes are beneficial but also very dangerous. It is true that if you have snakes in the garden you’ll get rid of rodents but you’ll not feel very comfortable seeing a snake crawling through the grass, especially if you have young children.

It is true that not all snakes are venomous, but if you are bitten by a snake you’ll need specialized treatment anyway. Try not creating an auspicious environment for these reptiles and take action in getting rid of them.

There are a variety of reasons and methods for banishing snakes from your garden To prevent an infestation of snakes in your yard it is necessary to eliminate food sources and habitat areas for them. Here are some tips for preventing and fighting snakes:

– Snakes are food lovers that prefer shady places and small rodents such as mice, rats. Keep your garden clean and do not let grass grow more than a few centimeters. Keep away piles of leaves or wood from your garden because they can be perfect hiding places for snakes.

– Large shrubs are perfect hiding place for snakes. Decorative stones in the garden are also a problem because they can be an ideal place for snakes, giving them a cool shelter during summer.

– Peppermint is a good repellent for snakes. Plant it along your garden’s edges.

– Keep away rodents from your yard because they are a treat for snakes. Use traps or rodenticides to get rid of rats and mice.

If the above methods did not give good results, you need to take action quickly, otherwise you risk being bitten by a snake.
First of all it is good to remember some essential rules: never pick up a snake by hand if you are not properly trained and never provoke a snake because it is very fast and may bite you.

Snake repellent sprays


Are repellent solutions that create olfactory barriers. Ward off snakes through the power of natural essences inside these sprays. The solution is ready to use and is good for spraying the walls of the house, the garden stones, house walls, fences, etc.

Snake repellent granules


These granules prevent snakes from crawling through your garden through camphor and clay-based essences. Spread the granules through the garden in areas frequented by snakes.
They are not toxic to humans and animals and they don’t affect plants, the lawn or the environment.


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