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6 Safe And Efficient Methods About How To Get Rid Of Snakes In Your Garden

Snakes are beneficial in the garden because they eat small rodents that could destroy your crops. However, you do not feel comfortable when you see a snake crawling in the high grass because it might ruin your garden design. Snakes can be very dangerous, especially if there are children around. For the safety of your little ones, but also yours, it is advisable to start the removal process in the garden. This does not mean you have to kill them, but be careful not to create a favorable environment for their development. Thus, in this article, you will find out 6 methods in case you don’t know how to get rid of snakes.

It is good to know that many of the species are not venomous, but there have been cases of people who needed specialized treatment after being bitten by these reptiles in their own garden. Here’s what measures you can take to avoid such situations.

How To Get Rid Of Snakes In The Garden

1. Get rid of the bushes

The snakes are attracted to the bushes from your garden. These places are ideal for the snakes, so it is highly advisable to clean these plants permanently by cutting down the base branches and cleaning the surrounding area.

2. Keep a clean environment in the garden

It is vital to keep your garden clean and take care that the grass does not grow more than a few centimeters from the ground. If the grass grows too much, snakes can be attracted to this hideout, where they can find small rodents to eat.

In turn, small snakes are eaten by another animal that makes its appearance in the garden. This is the hedgehog. The hedgehog also feeds on insects, crickets, frogs, and lizards, so from this point of view, it is very beneficial in a garden.

3. The rotten wood and leaves are not ideal

If you are used to keeping in the garden wooden objects that you no longer use and are in a state of rottenness, it is advisable to take them from there because the moisture it keeps draws the snakes instantly. Leaves are also a great place for garden snakes. Clean all spaces and keep hygiene. Bricks or stone can be transformed into shelters for the snakes who make their age in your garden.

4. Restrict beautiful plants

Snakes are attracted to beautiful plants such as roses, and will not hesitate to appear. That’s why it’s good to restrict some of these plants or you could simply combine them with other plants that don’t have such a pungent smell.

5. Use spray with pepper and garlic

The snakes are not attracted to the smell of garlic, much less to the pepper. Being homemade, an ecological solution, you can rest assured that the snakes will stay away. For this mixture, you need 1 garlic clove, some pepper grains, 125 cl water and a drop of natural shampoo. Grate the garlic with pepper and add water. Let it marinate overnight, squeeze the liquid and put it in a spray bottle. Add the shampoo, shake well and sprinkle the plants in the garden. This mixture is not harmful to the snakes, but it will keep them away from your garden.

6. Plant some mint at the edge of the garden

Mint is one of the plants that drive the snakes out of your garden. Plant it at the edge of the garden and enjoy a reptilian free space.

That’s all. These are the safest methods you can use to keep the reptilians away from your garden. They will not harm your garden environment nor will they kill the reptilians. However, you will be assured that everything is safe so you and your family can enjoy your playground in the garden. If you enjoyed this article, please give it a share on Facebook and a pin on Pinterest, your friends also deserve to know this information for their own safety.

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