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How to Transplant a Small Tree in your Garden Correctly

It often happens that a small tree does not have a harmonious growth just because of a wrong positioning or because you have failed to think in perspective when planting.

Therefore, in order for plants to grow normally, it is necessary to transplant them to another area. When doing this, don’t forget taking into account the following: light, soil, planting distances to existing plants (taking into account the size your tree will reach). This can be done either early in the spring or in late autumn. That’s because the plants are in a slight rest, and the low temperatures will not stress the plant which was just transplanted, as it happens when it’s too hot outside (in the summer). Think about yourself and what would take you to move to another house, just so you will understand the stress the plants are subject to when they have to change their usual place.

Sometimes by transplanting a small tree, you actually give it a new start in life.

– First, you must choose a dry day without rain, as dredging a wet soil will only destroy the soil structure. Also, you need to identify the perfect place to dig the hole. It must be wide enough and deep so that the tree roots will fit perfectly without leaving any roots on the outside.

– Take a spade and begin to draw a circle on the surface of the soil (around the stem): a circle with the stem in the middle, and with a diameter of about 30-40 cm.

– When you start digging, I recommend keeping the same digging angle from start to finish.

– At the new planting pit, I recommend watering the soil first and only then to place the root in the middle of the pit: the stem should be at the same depth as it was previously planted.

– Then, fill the gap between the root and the edge of the pit. I recommend that you carefully tread the soil so that the contact between the soil and the roots is as intimate as possible, as there is a risk of roots drying if air gaps remain.

– Finally, thoroughly water the area, and I recommend that you mulch the soil surface to avoid weed growth.

If you need to make some transplanting in your garden you should take advantage of the good weather for this purpose. Good luck with that!

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