Is Your Garden Invaded By Frogs? Here You Have The Best Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of Them

Is your garden invaded by frogs? Here’s how you can get rid of frogs from your garden as soon as possible! Keep reading this article and find the best natural solutions to help you.

1. Control their habitat

Frogs appear in the garden because they have the conditions for survival. So do your best to make things worse.

First of all, they must have access to a water source. If you remove all the water from the garden (the water bowl of the dog, a small pond or a small pond near a damaged tap), they will have no place to lay their eggs, nor where to take shelter at night.

Then, the frogs like the grassy and bushy areas where they can hide from curiosity around the day. So it would not hurt to tweak the lawn in the yard and cut the shrub.

Keep the darkness at night in your garden. The more light sources you have in the yard, the more insects will be attracted to the light, and then they will have enough food.

2. Use natural repellents

Salt, once in contact with their skin, gives them a bizarre feeling that will cause them to move away. So you can put some salt in the yard. Keep in mind that salt affects soil fertility so you should avoid areas where you plan to plant something.

Vinegar and lemon juice are also effective when it comes to removing frogs. Make a solution of one part of vinegar (lemon juice) and one of water, which then sprays into areas where frogs are usually collected. Once on the frog legs, this mixture gives the burning sensation and causes them to leave the area.

Concentrated caffeine will kill them by causing them to have heart attacks, but you can spread coffee grounds around the areas where frogs gather to deter them without killing them off. It will cause the frogs discomfort, but will not likely kill them.

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