10 Unique Ideas To Add A Little Style To Your Garden

No matter the size of your garden, you can have a magical space if you apply a few design tricks. So let’s see 10 unique ideas that will turn your garden into a beauty of nature.


garden steps

If the land is on the slope you can include several steps in the garden design. Our suggestion is to use the stone for a natural look.



We think of those gates with the arcade on which clusters of roses climb. They are beautiful, they give a romantic air to the garden and are not difficult at all.

Recycled objects


There are many ways you can recycle objects for your garden design. For example, you can use an old chair as a pot. All you have to do is get it off to make room for land and plants.

Splash of color


Create an attraction in the garden! To accomplish it, paint the recycled objects (a chair, a wagon, a car) in vivid colors and add plants in contrast!

Vertical design

vertical garden

If you have a small garden, you can save space by creating a vertical design. Use old pallets to create a vertical garden. Find inspiration for what you like and plant the most beautiful flowers!



Pallets can also be used to create a terrace, a sitting area where you can put a rocking chair or a table with chairs if space allows you to.

A path


Use wood planks to create a path. There are many materials to make the path, but the wood has a rustic look and contrasts nicely with the rest of the materials, for example with stone.



The best decorations for the garden are found in nature. Use stones to delineate the flower rows. Also, some larger stones can create a sculptural effect ensemble.

Ins and outs


Create a child’s hiding place! It means a playground away from the eyes of adults, but aesthetically and sure. Our favorite is a tent made of wood and plants.



Do not let the garden disappear into the dark during the night. You can make it look magical with some light. There are so many choices, for example, you will discover the phosphorescent spots, but there are many other ways to bring a drop of light into the garden. Let your imagination fly!

10 unique ideas to add a little style to your garden 1

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