How To Rid Your Lawn & Garden Of Moles

Let it be clear: the moles are formidable animals, miracles of the nature. Being insectivorous, they drastically reduce the number of pests in the soil. For example, you can get rid of mole crickets or other harmful larvae. Their activity improves soil quality. Still, they can wreak havoc in the lawn where you worked for hundreds of hours and they can destroy flowers and vegetables. If they get into a greenhouse or a solar, it’s a catastrophe! In these situations, with all regret, we must act. Keep reading and see the best solutions I have come across when dealing with moles.

What solutions do we have? How to get rid of moles?

  • Electronic sound devices specially designed for this issue seem to have some effectiveness.
  • The naphthalene pills placed in the galleries, from place to place, seem to banish them.
  • Place corncobs dipped in diesel fuel into the galleries.
  • Place carbide pieces in the galleries and then water the area. This will create an unbearable gas for the moles, which can lead to their intoxication. Pay attention, the exhaust gas is highly flammable! Do not walk with fire sources during this operation!
  • Flooding the galleries will force them to reach the surface in some cases. In a drought, the solution is ineffective, the water is absorbed by the soil without affecting the moles.
  • Windmills, such as children’s toys, made of plastic foil, seem to produce results. The explanation may be that, heaving extremely developed hearing, the moles are disturbed by the vibrations transmitted in the soil and will go away.
  • On the same principle: Place a night clock with a key (the vintage ones) over the gallery. Above the clock, place a pot to amplify the sound.
  • Small dogs with a sharp bark, that walk freely through the yard, seem to scare the moles and drive them away.
  • Hunting may be a solution for those with patience. Place a mole trap near the gallery. Use a piece of salami as bait. Cover both the trap and the gallery with a large enough box. Wait for the mole to reach the salami and trap it inside the box.
  • Grow Fritillaries or Castor Oil Plant in the garden. They repel moles.
How To Rid Your Lawn & Garden Of Moles
How To Rid Your Lawn & Garden Of Moles

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