Safe Methods To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers Without Harming Them

Wild birds such as pigeons, crows, woodpeckers, bugs, sparrows, and others can become troublesome when they place their nest near the house. Their noise and especially their excrement lead to the destruction of some surfaces. Moreover, birds are disease-bearing, so it’s not a good idea to walk unhindered everywhere. You can still use safe methods to prevent woodpeckers from appearing without harming them.

1. Find the favorite bird locations and block them


Check the strength, the bridge, the roof, the places above the windows and beams, as well as all the other areas of the house and courtyard where the birds could make their nest. Blocks bird’s access to the bridge through windows or plastic panels. Large open spaces such as bridges, warehouses, barns, stables must be locked in the deck area, where birds are used to nesting.

Horizontal areas should be blocked by setting up plates in a slope so as to discourage nesting. For example, the edge of a window is a perfect corner for birds to find a place.

Also, in places where birds like to nest, you can suspend some cords. Pigeons will not find their balance and will be discouraged to stay there.

2. Use special substances on the market 

The areas where pigeons or other birds are usually placed can be given with specialty substances found on the market. They can be sprays, gels, to chase birds. These are given only on the surfaces where the birds are stationed. For example, a gel tube is enough to treat 6 meters of the surface. Such substances are uncomfortable for birds, so they will avoid sitting in those places.

3. Use special devices with specific sounds 

There are also special devices that drive birds away. These devices generate sounds of attack from prey birds, as well as sounds that cause stress and alarm among the birds you want to drive away like woodpeckers. These sounds are the same for every desired species.

In fact, the devices contain records of nature, carried out by ornithologists and adapted to bird species on each territory. The devices operate in any season, day and night, based on the photoelectric cell. Woodpeckers can be scared with loud noises. They can be removed by powerful sounds and by simulating the sound of some predators.

4. Use sharp edges


On the market, there are straps of thorns made of durable material that does not harm birds but prevents them from settling down. It is a harmless method to drive away woodpeckers. Another similar system is made of stainless steel rods with a polycarbonate base so it can withstand atmospheric conditions and ultraviolet rays. The system is fitted with a double-sided or silicone bin. The system allows rotation of the rods to cover different angles of the surface.

5. Use spices 

If you have to remove the woodpeckers from your house, use spices such as cinnamon, pepper, etc. because they do not like spices. Repeat the action if necessary, especially after it rains.

6. Other products: balloons, kites, fake animals 

Some ordinary balloons, with big eyes drawn on them, or a kite in the wind, fake spiders, or large, plastic or wood booty placed in the places where the woodpeckers come are some of the things that can scare the pests. These are not necessarily safe and permanent methods to remove birds, but it is worthwhile to try.


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