8 Winter Veggies That You Can Plant Right Now

There are plenty of vegetables that can be grown during the coldest months of the year. In winter, vegetable growing allows you to extend their season. Thus, don’t miss this opportunity and keep reading this article to see how you can enrich your garden to take full advantage of your vegetables.

Most vegetables are resistant to cold, but if frost threatens them, you can always provide additional protection. Here are 8 kinds of vegetables that you can cultivate from now on in winter:

1. Onion


Early onion is a popular and reliable variety, like red onions. There are varieties of onions that you can plant in the winter because they have a longer growing process and can only be harvested next summer.

2. Garlic


Like the onion, it has a longer growing time and can be harvested just in summer, but it is very easy to grow and you can find it in several variants for planting in the cold season.

3. Spring onion (green onion)


It’s an onion that grows light and does not last long until it develops enough to use it in winter salads.

4. Perpetual spinach


This spinach type works on the “cut and grow” principle and is very tasty. If you plant it at the end of the fall, you have all the chances of enjoying spinach all winter, even until the summer. You just have to take care to remove the seeds when needed.

5. Green beans


These can be grown a month before it ends in winter and is one of the best bean varieties. Once the plants have grown, you can use them for delicious snacks at the beginning of spring.

6. Peas


Enjoy a pea harvest right at the beginning of spring. There are peas that you can cultivate even one month before the season when people cultivate it.

7. Lettuce


Opt for a lettuce that also works on the “cut and grow” principle and enjoy it for the rest of the winter.

8. Carrots


There are varieties of carrot that you can cultivate and they mature quite quickly. You can grow the seeds in the sun in November or outdoors in July.

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