How To Get Rid Of Common Weeds With Homemade Solutions

The total elimination of garden weeds is virtually impossible, so keeping them under control is a more realistic solution. The action plan should be tailored to the type of annual or perennial garden weeds and the method you should use are the mechanics one or natural remedies based on organic solutions.

Mechanical method

It consists of breaking the garden weeds or removing them from the ground by hand or specialized tools, also known as the ecological method, as it does not damage the micro system of the garden.

Depending on the type of garden weeds

You must know that, like much-loved plants, annual weeds grow from seed, bloom, seed in turn, then die. That’s why to stun them, it’s enough to cut or bury them before they bloom, stopping their natural cycle and preventing them from multiplying. Leafy leaves can be added to the compost. However, they have perennial, pervasive ground roots that will produce new and new shells. For this reason, you need to remove them from the ground with the whole root, any corner of the root will produce a new plant.

Natural remedies to get rid of garden weeds

Vinegar, salt or detergent can help you get rid of weeds, without exorbitant amounts of toxic solutions found in commerce, whose efficiency you have no guarantee. Here’s how to get rid of weeds quickly.

1. Vinegar

You could kill the weeds’ growth with a good dose of vinegar. For the best results, do not dilute the vinegar with water and choose a moment to spray it when no rain sign appears. Food vinegar has a concentration of 5% acetic acid, which manages to stop other weeds to grow in the same place. If you can find a more concentrated vinegar (the pickle has 9% concentration), it will provide better results with mature or resistant weeds.

2. Salt

It is efficient, but remember that a larger amount of salt can destroy the soil around the weeds, making it totally inappropriate for growing other plants. Salt should only be used in places where no plant grows (alleys, portions of tiles, the ground beneath a terrace or veranda, areas around the foundation, etc.). To use salt against weeds, you need a 1 part mixture salt with 2 parts of water, this concentration is the most effective. By the way, you can also effectively sprinkle salt over weeds.

3. Mixture of vinegar and salt

For all of the above reasons, if you want a really effective mixture to control weeds, you have to mix one and a half cups of salt with one liter of vinegar. Spray the mixture obtained over weeds.

4. Vinegar and dish detergent

Fill a spray container with a solution obtained from the pickle vinegar mixture with a spoonful of dishwashing detergent. Apply this mixture by spraying during the hottest time of the day between 12 o’clock and 15 o’clock.

5. Water mixed with dishwashing liquid

Mix a piece of liquid detergent with 10 cups of water and apply this solution to the root of the weeds to stop their growth and development.

6. Hot water

Put a pot of water on the fire, let it boil and shed hot water over the weeds.

7. Lemon juice

Either you could use the juice directly from a lemon or mix half a cup of lemon juice with a quarter cup of vinegar; it will be as effective as simple vinegar, but natural lemon juice is more expensive. You could resort to this option if you were to have too many lemons with which you have nothing to do or you do not want to throw them away.


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