The Best Organic Fertilizers To Use In A Vegetable Garden

Vegetables produce much if they are grown in the rich land; that is why in the garden we need to apply fertilizers. We will list the main organic fertilizers that can be used in the vegetable garden.

The rotted manure

rotted manure

Normally, this fertilizer is applied in the autumn, with the digging of the field. In crops that are sown late in the spring, well-rotted manure can also be given early spring. What quantity is used? If the crops on the ground are wet, spread 4-5 kg of garbage per square meter. If the grown plants do not require watering, then 2 kg per sq m is sufficient. The manure is especially used in cucumbers, eggplants, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, courgettes. Very good rotting manure (2-3 years) is usually the best. It is used in smaller quantities (1-2 kg / m2). It can also be given at the nest during planting (tomatoes, potatoes) or on the occasion of sowing (cucumbers, melons, pumpkins).



It is a fertilizer that can be easily prepared even in the household in the garbage of the yard, dried leaves, weed out, vegetable sprouts, ash. All this can be gathered in the pile in a corner of the garden; the pile will have the shape of a coat, in which holes are made so that the rainwater penetrates deep. In the absence of rain, the pile will be wet from time to time with water. From 3 to 3 months, the compost pile is shoveling, the bottom layers at the top and vice versa. After 2-3 years a valuable fertilizer is obtained which is used just as a manure.

Bird manure

It is a fertilizer more rich in nutrients than manure. The most suitable way of using this fertilizer is in the form of a solution applied during the vegetation period of the plant. A few days before using, the manure is mixed with water, a piece of garbage and two parts of water. On the day when the plants are treated add water again in a ratio of 1: 10 if used for tomatoes, courgettes, sprouts, onion and 1: 20 if used for cucumbers, carrots, leeks. A 0.3-0.5 l solution is given to a plant.

Wood Ash


The ashes of wood, straw, etc. can also be used as organic fertilizers. Attention! Do not use ash from earth charcoal as it contains harmful substances for plants. It is mainly used for cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, potatoes. Give about 15-29 grams of ash, preferably mixed with manure, at each nest.

The best organic fertilizers to use in a vegetable garden

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