Tips & Tricks To Manage The Gardening Work In Autumn

Autumn is that time of the year in which one season ends and you need to prepare the garden for the next one. But nothing can be done without gardening work in autumn. To make it easier for you I have made this checklist of gardening work you need to do right now. So check it out and keep reading this article.

As the days are cold enough during this time, and the dust can appear at any time, one of the most important fall works in the garden is to bring into your home or into a shelter the plants that can not withstand the cold. Their transfer to sheltered places must be done gradually to allow them to adapt to the new climate. A warm autumn day is ideal because it allows you to take them straight to the place where they will be safe for them during the winter.

During this time, the garden must be cleaned of vegetal remains and garden weeds. Weeds are not put in compost because they are full of seeds. One of the autumn works in the garden is to plant the seeds and put them in proper conditions to be able to use them in the coming spring.

The fall checklist in the garden also includes deep digging, building colonies to protect roses and shrubs, digging, trimming and cleaning the fence, trimming fruit trees, planting new saplings, and lasting lawn trimming.

Among the recommended works is the covering of tree trunks with a thick layer of lime to protect them against pests.

Gather the fallen leaves. The leaves on the ground will increase the acidity of the soil. Leaves can be one of the main ingredients for composting. The middle and the end of the autumn is the perfect time to fertilize the garden soil. So we’re also going through the list of autumn works in the garden.

During this time, among the autumn works in the garden, there is also the planting of the flower bulbs, the aromatic herbs. You can also plant onions and garlic, as well as tulips and hyacinths, as well as other bulb plants.

And if you want to do a service to the sparrows, the chaffinch, and other flying birds, who have to go through the winter, you can build them some houses and a few places where you can constantly feed them. You will have a very cheerful garden in the winter. We believe it is one of the activities to be listed on the list of autumn works in the garden.

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