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3 Unique & Creative Ways For A Flower Garden Design

I’ve heard many people saying that the dearest place in their own yard is the flower garden. I perfectly understand the feeling. Nothing compares to a clear afternoon in your yard, among the flowers you care so carefully with your friends and family. Not to mention the sight that enjoys your eyes every morning! Something to dream of indeed! For this very reason, I have decided to write today about unique and creative ways for a flower garden design. I say from the beginning that I took into consideration the gardens with small and medium sized flowers.

Therefore, if you are not happy with what the flower area looks like in the yard or if you have not yet managed to set up your own garden, I still have some suggestions.

1. The garden with abundant flowers

It is suitable for small or very small yards. The most inventive flower lovers have found an ingenious design for this type of space: they have taken advantage of each free spot to plant a flower.

The strength of the garden is precisely the abundance of flowers per square meter. There is a chromatic bond between the space on the ground and the one on the wall of the house, and the final feeling is that of the abundant freshness.

The strong element in this landscape is the green plants, the size of shrubs, the shelter of which the remaining flowers could grow in harmony. They all got their hands and created an enviable setting.


In the case of small courtyards, it is recommended to use the vertical garden: either on the wall of the house or on the fence, which is ideal for the image of the flowers planted on the ground.

2. The garden with wild flowers

This type of garden is suitable for any size of the yard. If you have a smaller piece of land, then set the place of the flower garden and randomly throw the seeds when you plant them. In the other case, a larger area is identical, with the indication that it is now advisable to choose a corner of your future garden to throw the flower seeds. In both situations, the result is spectacular.


If you want to delineate the area of the flower garden or another corner of the yard, use stone tiles that support the natural feeling created by the seemingly disordered growth of flowers.

3. The flower garden behind the house

Regardless of the size of your yard, this solution is ideal if you want to enjoy the inside of your flower garden. A table, two or three chairs, a lantern, plus flowers, lots of flowers. This is the recipe for the success of a garden behind the house, as can be seen in photography, the ideal place for enjoying a coffee in the morning or a cup of tea at noon.


Do not forget to create contrasts: shrubs and flowers. In this way, the garden will look bigger and more abundant. The green of the shrubs can be the perfect background for the vibrant colors of the flowers, in which you have conveniently placed a table and several stools.

I hope this article seemed useful! At what stage is your garden? Do you have any other planning ideas? Do not hesitate to write a comment or send me photos of your new flower garden!

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