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Why You Should Use A Lawn Fertilizer Right Away

I can answer the question in the title with another question: Do you want a healthy green lawn that you can enjoy every day? Yes, it’s a rhetorical question. And no, lawn issues were not exhausted. Thus, this article will look for answers on why do you need to use a lawn fertilizer.

Recently, I have gathered the views of specialists in breeding and maintenance of the lawn and resulted in a blog article on how to make a fertilization by the book. Then, I found out what the main nutrients are and what are the ideal times for the fertilization process. This time, I’ll focus on what the use of fertilizer for your green lawn means. I will try to argue the affirmative answer to the question in the title.

The conditions that the fertilizer must meet

Nutrient use plays an important role in creating and preserving a healthy lawn. A lawn that meets the trials but keeps its qualities. Generally, plants assimilate nutrients from soil, air or water, but also lose many of them when the grass is mown. The quality of the lawn will increase considerably if you are able to complement the nutrients in perfect harmony with the original soil content.

Here are some of the qualities required for fertilizer quality:

– you should help raise the quality of the lawn in future attempts
– you should ensure a uniform growth of grass and to reduce water losses
– you should be sure that the risk of burning is minimal
– you should be sure to not pollute the environment


Any grass fertilization process should be started with a soil analysis to find out exactly the nutrient deficiency in the soil. Only then, with this data, you can know exactly why soil needs to help grow your lawn healthy!

Types of fertilizer

There are several types of fertilizer that differ from each other depending on the active elements and the nutrients they contain. There is, therefore, an organic, inorganic, mineral fertilizer with prolonged effect. As mentioned above, you need to know in detail the needs of your soil to know exactly what type of fertilizer to use.

Fertilization is a necessary process for lawns because of frequent threshing, which results in an intense growth of grass. In turn, this increase can only be sustained by supplementing soil nutrients.

How and with what you apply the fertilizer

The special fertilizer for the lawn can be applied very easily with the help of devices for spreading nutrients. The devices I refer to can be called simple dosing trolleys and are extremely easy to use. They help spread the fertilizer evenly, which is essential for your lawn to have the same color from one end to the other.

Measuring the amount of fertilizer required

Normally, the packaging of the fertilizer you decided to use for fertilization also contains the required quantity per square meter. To set up the spreader correctly, a method promoted by many lawn cultivators and maintenance professionals is recommended:

– weigh the required quantity for one square meter of lawn
– delimit the area of ​one square meter and dispose of manually, as evenly as possible, the amount of fertilizer
– adjust the device so that the pattern of the surface is as close as possible to that on the marked surface

So, largely, these would be my arguments in favor of using the lawn fertilizer. If you want a green lawn to be proud of, healthy, then you need to know what to offer it for her to maintain her qualities. You need to know how to take care of it!

Did you use fertilizer for your lawn? Write a comment below to discuss your proposals together!

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