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4 Flowering Shrubs For Shady Spots In Your Garden

The plants that fill and decorate the garden have different needs. While some adore the sun, others grow excellent in penumbra or shadow. In order to have an impeccable garden, it is important to assure each category of a plant all the conditions it needs to grow harmoniously. Here is a series of perfect blooming shrubs that can be planted successfully in the shady spots of your garden!

1. Viburnum

Viburnum is a superb shrub with large, white flowers, often found in gardens where it is used as a decorative plant. The shrub, with fruit and peel that has medicinal properties, can reach a height of about 4 meters and develops excellent under penumbra or shady spots. Although it is particularly appreciated for its white flowers, which appear in May-June, the Viburnum is a precious addition to the garden and the coming of autumn when its leaves turn red.

2. The beach rose

Another shrub that tolerates even the most pronounced shady spots is the beach rose, a Japanese herb, which also has the name of “Japanese Rose” (not to be confused with the Japanese Camellia). The shrub that reaches a height of about 1.5 meters produces delicate, white or pink, beautifully fragrant flowers that occur from spring to autumn.
After its introduction into Europe, the beach rose has become an ornamental plant appreciated, both because of its resistance, beautiful flowers, red fruits and leaf that get golden shades on autumn arrival.

3. Camellia

Camelia or the Japanese Camellia is another decorative shrub, ideal for the shady spots in the garden. There is a variety of varieties, with flowers with a varied number of petals and various colors, some of which are most appreciated with 5 petals and shades of red, purple and pink. The height of the decorative shrub varies considerably, from about 1.5 meters to over 11 meters and even more. It’s gorgeous flowers appear, usually, between January and March.

4. Hydrangea Villosa

A superb hydrangea variety, Hydrangea aspera Villosa is a shrub that should not be missing from your garden, especially if the area around the house includes a wealth of shady spots. This variety reaches a height of about 3 meters, it has large, velvety leaves, among which, when the summer arrives, the flowers are huge, with pink, purple and purple flowers. To enjoy Hydrangea Villosa in all its splendor, make sure its humidity is abundant, especially during the summer, when temperatures rise a lot over the day.

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