How To Prevent Diseases & Pests On Peach And Apricot Trees

Peach and apricot are fruit trees predisposed to the attack of common diseases and pests, so the treatments that apply throughout the year are necessary. Learn, with this article, how to prevent diseases and pests on peach and apricot trees.
Diseases of peach and apricot trees

– flaking
– lead disease
– moniliasis of fruits
– Peach leaf black spots
– bacterial ulceration
– mycotic scarification of the leaves
– blight
– the crust of the bark
Peach and apricot trees pests

– apple worm
– the downy caterpillar
– the green peach pads
– the San Jose louse
– the testaceous louse
– peach moth

Spraying calendar on peach and apricot trees to fight diseases and pests

Spraying on peach and apricot trees in January – February

The first treatment for peach and apricot trees is imposed in January – February (20 January – 20 February) for the prevention and control of the San Jose louse, and the egg and aphid eggs. Sprays are made with substances such as Admiral 10 EC, Malathion 50 EC, Pallas 50 EC or Smart 44 EW. For this spraying, choose a day when weather conditions prevent the solution from freezing.
Spring spraying on peach and apricot trees

The second preventive treatment of peach and apricot trees is recommended for combating moniliasis, flaking, leaf black spots and defoliation. Spraying can be applied between March 20 and 30 when buds begin to swell. As solutions, you can choose Merpan 50 PU, Super Champ 250 SC or Topsin 75 PU.

The following treatment aims at combating diseases such as leaf leaching, lead disease, fungal scarring, and flaking. The treatment is administered between the pink button phase until near bloom and can contain substances such as barium polysurf, Orius or Folicur.

In the last decade of April, there is a treatment against leaf and flaking, as well as aphids and defoliators. The treatment is identical to the one before and it is retained when 10-15% of the flowers have shaken their petals.

In the first decade of May, spraying with fungicides and insecticides is carried out to combat leaf black spots, moths, peach worms and aphids.

Two weeks after this treatment, acaricide treatment is used if leaf black spots are observed.

Between May 15 and August 1, it is recommended to avoid spraying with organophosphorus solutions. If the appearance of the butterflies is observed after the flowers are shaken, a treatment against apple worms is needed. For this treatment, one of the following insecticides may be used: Calypso 480 SC, Diazol 50 EW or Sumicidin 20 EC.

Around June 10, when the fruit has the size of a peanut, a fungicide treatment is applied to fight foliar diseases. If needed, the same treatment can also be applied between June 20-25, when the fruit has the size of a nut.

Autumn spraying on peach and apricot trees

After 80% of the leaves have fallen (from October to November), a copper sulfate treatment is applied to combat lead disease, flaking and leaf black spots formation.

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