How To Attract Songbirds To Your Garden

A garden that abounds in singing birds is a lively and cheerful place! If you notice that the space around the house remains silent after the spring, it is time to take action. Here are some ways to tempt singing birds to visit your yard and garden!

Put food at their disposal

A sure method of attracting birds singing to the garden is to bring them plenty of food at their disposal. In a bowl or even in a bird-feeding device, you could add a varied mix of seeds, from which should not be lacking sunflower seeds and millet.

Tender for the singing birds will be the oil fruits, such as chopped peanuts. With such goodies, you will be able to attract birds like jay and magpie in the garden. It may seem surprising, but birds like the woodpecker love tallow. If you want to attract them to the garden, you could fill a few trees with this animal fat.

Other foods that singing birds will find delicious are fruit, bread crumbs, pasta, and rice. Do not forget to place more pots with food along the courtyard and garden to attract as many birds as possible.

Provide water supplies

The singing birds that feed in your garden will also need water sources to thrive their thirst. The more water these sources are, the more likely you will be to attract a large number of birds around the house! A freshwater scrub is an excellent solution, especially if you make sure the water is dripping constantly – the birds will perceive the sounds of the water and they will come into your garden. If you have small ponds on your garden, the better! When these water sources are not present, you can attract birds singing in the garden, increasing the number of dunes and other adapters.

Provide shelters

Singing birds need space to rest and shelter when they feel threatened. So you can build more birdhouses along the garden, but you can provide shelter space and planting groups of plants – bushy plants give birds the safety they need. Another great idea is building nests. They can either be placed inside existing boxes or you can place them on tree branches.


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