The Most Important Methods To Combat Diseases And Pests In Vineyards

The vine is predisposed most often to the attack of mannagrass, oidium, and rotting. These are the most dangerous diseases, but the grapevine can be attacked by other diseases such as viroid vines, bacterial cancer, ribbed mosaic, marooning and black vine weevil. The substances used to combat them are the same as those for fighting the main three diseases.

Among the pests, the vine is predisposed to the attack of mites, phylloxera, moth grapes and moth vines. Insecticides and acaricides are used to control the pests. During the vegetation cycle, it is recommended to alternate the insecticides administered to prevent the pests’ resistance to a single insecticide.

Harvesting of vines

Elimination of mannagrass from vineyards is essential for preventing disease and pest attacks.

Fighting the mannagrass on the vine

The best solution against mannagrass in the vine is copper, usually in the form of salts. Besides copper sulfate, there are other approved solutions that can handle mannagrass successfully.

Fighting oidium in the vine

Sulfur is the most effective chemical element for treating flaking. It is usually given as a powder or wettable powder solution.

Spraying calendar for controlling diseases and pests in vines

For mannagrass, oidium, and rotting, the vines are treated with Shavit F 72 WP when the sheaths reach 5-10 cm. To combat pests such as the common spider and the red spider, Nissorun 10 WP or Omit 570 EW is administered at the same time.

Prior to blooming, treatment with Acrobat MZ 90/600 WP is necessary.

In order to combat rotting and gray root, Topsin M 70 treatment is administered.

When grapes are as the size of pepper grains, you can give a treatment with Universalis 593 SC solution against mannagrass, oidium, and rotting. This treatment is effective if the weather is rainy.

In case of drought, treatment with Bravo 500 SC is given against major diseases.

When compressing the bunches, take Mikal Flash or Zetanil Blu in case of rain and Champ 77 WG in case of drought.

Teledor 500 SC or Mythos against rotting or Champ 77 WG against mannagrass can be administered at the entrance.

Prior to harvesting, the treatment may consist of administering the Teledor 500 SC solution against gray rot.


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