4 Best Indoor Trees Ideal For Any Apartment

To make this transformation of a small garden in an apartment, it is not very difficult to think about the variety of indoor trees for your own apartment.

Sparmannia africana – Kamerlinde


The African Sparmannia has been given the nickname of the large heart-shaped leaves, very similar to the lime. It looks spectacular in spring when it blooms, but for that, it needs daily intense light. It is the right tree for you, especially if you have a well-ventilated terrace, where the sun does not bang directly, at least during the summer. It can also be grown in the apartment.



Bougainvillea comes to us from the tropical regions, where it directly dresses in cascades of gates and houses but can be grown as a bonsai, a plant of a balcony or a pot. The name of the flower-of-paper comes from the scruffy texture of the foliage that surrounds the flowers. But also from the fact that it needs a lot of light and heat, conditions in which only the parchment resists. At temperatures below 10 degrees C the flower loses its leaves.

The flowers of the Bougainvillea are small and creamy, almost unobservable if they are not surrounded by some small, parchment leaflets, called bracts, brightly colored in pink, purple, red, white, orange, confused with the flowers.

The recommended land is light (sand, forest land), ideal to allow water to drain because the paper flower does not support the moisture status, but also the extended dryness. That’s why the earth needs to be maintained all the time.

After the flowers begin to pass, the plant must be cut to half the blooms that have already made flowers. For a few weeks, it’s wetter. Then it will be pumped again and will make lateral bumps at the end of which will open other flowers. But be careful: do not remove old ears, but only young ones and cutting is oblique.

Bougainvillea loves to sit outdoors on the open balcony on the terrace or in the yard, but remember that humidity is an important factor, so it’s good to be sprayed often and not forgotten in a hot corner. When the temperature falls below 8 degrees C, place the flower in a bright room where the temperature does not exceed 12 degrees C. It is obligatory to ensure the necessary rest, otherwise it will not bloom in the next spring.

Palm tree


The palm tree is an easy-care plant and its exotic appearance makes it look very good with a palm tree. It is longevity, it can reach the height of 130 cm, it likes coolness and it is forbidden to plant it in the sunbeam. The leaves should be sprayed occasionally with water or wiped with a damp cloth, as dry air will damage them.



You can choose the ficus benjamina, commonly known as weeping fig or the rubber fig. If the first one has small and long leaves, the elastic ficus (the rubber) can boast with immense and glossy leaves. Both adore abundant light, do not support air currents and should be watered at regular intervals, but excess water leads to their withering.

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