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6 Quick-Growing Vegetables You Can Plant Late-Season In Your Garden

Many of the summer vegetables are planted in March-April and in the first half of May, but if you have not managed to respect this calendar, you are still more likely to get a good harvest. Some vegetables have a rapid growth and can be planted late, after mid-May and early June, for a summer harvest. So keep reading this article and find out the top 6 quick-growing vegetables you can plant late-season in your garden!


Beans are one of the fast-growing plants. Generally, it is recommended to plant it at the beginning of May, but you can also cultivate it at the end of the month. The only difference is that the harvest will be postponed for a few weeks. Because end temperatures are high, beans can germinate faster, which means you can enjoy in a relatively short time from the first harvest.

It is recommended to opt for fast-growing bean varieties, such as Algarve. It can be sown from May to July, seeds germinating in just 14 days.


Red beet is also a fast-growing vegetable, which you can cultivate later in late May or June. Just like beans, and for a quick beetroot culture, you need to choose the right variety. For example, Detroit 2 or 3 red beet grows fast, in just 60-65 days being good to harvest.


Cabbage is one of the easiest to grow vegetables in the garden. It is not very demanding for environmental conditions, but it needs attention, especially during the growth of captains, when it can be attacked by pests. There are many fast-growing cabbage varieties that reach maturity after 70-80 days of planting. These include Clarissa F1, Savoy acre and Famosa F1.


If you want a small crop of corn for boiling, you can do the sowing by the end of May. Most corn varieties for boiling have a rapid increase, but you must know that they are good to harvest after about 90 days.


Sun-lovers and wet soil, cucumbers can be planted late, by the beginning of June. Even if they grow fast, you need to know that late cucumber planting means a later harvest. Specifically, the first harvest can be harvested towards the end of the summer.


Kohlrabi are on the fast-growing list of vegetables. They can be planted towards the end of May from seedlings and can be harvested towards the end of summer. Ideally, you should know what the growing season has the variety of sprouts you choose to cultivate.

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