How To Take Care Of Your Geranium In The Winter Months

With the colder (autumn-winter-spring) periods, a problem arises for most of the apartment flowers, namely: maintenance and preservation of geraniums over the winter. If you want to have good geranium in the winter months, here’s how to deal with them. Note that this method of geraniums perforation only works for varieties with vigorous branches with maturity lignification capacity.

There are several ways for maintaining and taking care of geraniums over winter, and depending on the possibilities we can choose.

Option 1: As soon as the cold season comes, the geraniums should be moved to sheltered places and with the appropriate light (solar, greenhouse, light halls, etc.). During the cold season, temperatures for geraniums are sufficient in the range of 15-20 ° C, fertilization can be done once a month or not at all, and much water is increased. Under these conditions, geraniums may flourish even in the winter. Old batters kept in bright places in winter can be cut in the spring. Ideal storage conditions over winter are in greenhouses and warm solariums;

Option 2: (can also be applied to flowing geraniums): Winter geraniums can also be kept in places with low light (bites may be shortened to “cut” at 10 cm in length – before being placed in places where they will win) at temperatures between 7-10 ° C. At 2-3 weeks the pots are checked and wet moderately (it is very rare and moderately wetted only when the substrate is almost dry);

Option 3: Keeping geraniums over winter can be done even in the dark (in garages, cool rooms) if it is cool and has a dry environment. At 2-3 weeks the pots are checked and wet moderately (it is very rarely and moderately wetted only when the substrate is almost dry); In the spring, the geraniums are cut off, and soon they will bloom.

Diseases and pests:

Geraniums diseases: gray rot is caused by the Botrytis cinerea fungus – symptoms (gray spots on the back of the leaf). Gray rot appears mainly in the conditions of excess humidity;

The most common pests are aphids and woolly apple aphid.

How to take care of your geraniums in winter

1. Before the first burrow falls, even if there are still flowers, but all the shoots at two or four knots (about 10 cm).

2. Old, lignified branches can be shortened even shorter to one or two knots.

3. Important! To avoid contamination of plants with viruses, wash with warm water and wipe with alcohol the tool that shortens the shoots (scissors, knife, blade, etc.) before moving to another plant.

4. Keep the pots in cool rooms, open windows, where the temperature does not drop below 1 ° C and does not exceed 12 ° C.

5. After cutting the shoots, the plant does not soften very rarely, just to avoid complete dehydration of the substrate. It’s enough once a month with 100ml of water.

6. To avoid the appearance of molds or other disease-causing microorganisms, treat the plant with a fungicide or powder to cut, as well as the branches and the substrate with charcoal dust (or charcoal).

7. The rest of the bites lasts until the spring, after the danger of the bruises, when they can be pulled out again.

If they liked how they were treated over the winter, they will reward you again with a beautiful blooming!

Atention !!!
– Excessive watering leads to rotting roots, stalks and even the plant;
– A high humidity produces an untreated gray rot that causes the plant death.

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