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8 Tips To Get Your Cactus To Re-Bloom

Did you know that to care for a cactus you need less than 5 minutes a week? The potted cactus does not need special conditions or too much water and likes to stay in the sun. Originally from the arid areas of Mexico, the cactus is a succulent plant, that is, it stores the liquids in the trunk. Even if the spikes do not attract you, there are many cacti species that bloom very nicely. Check out these 8 tips to get your potted cactus to re-bloom every year and be amazed by its flowers.

1. The potted cactus optimum temperature for winter is 10 ° Celsius. If it does not receive 2-3 months of coolness, there are few chances to bloom!

2. The best place in the house for a potted cactus is near a south-facing window. Here the plants receive the maximum of light in the winter and, if under the window there is no radiator, the air is cooler, which the cactuses send them in the winter of wonder.

3. In winter, the potted cactus should be dipped very little and only once a month. The more thirsty the winter, the more potted cactus will bloom. (If you want to know what’s the secret, find out why plants need to thrive to blossom.)

4. Cactus must be transplanted in February-March, yearly or at least once every two years, using a special mixture for potted cactus and fatty plants. After transplantation, two weeks the plant should not be wet!

5. Potted cactuses are fertilized only between March and June, using a specially formulated product for cacti or a heavily diluted, low-nitrogen fertilizer and higher in phosphorus and potassium. Caution: Abundant fertilization inhibits blooming!

6. Spring and summer cacti must receive the maximum of light and heat. The pots should be positioned in full sun and possibly from time to time rotated for maximum exposure to the sun.

7. From spring to autumn, cacti maintenance have to be more generous but respecting some important rules. Cactus is wet when the soil at the surface of the pot is dried 3 cm on the surface. Pour water in the saucer under the pots. (The excess water in the saucer is obligatory draining!) The correct cake condition must mimic the desert rains that create short-lived streams, but which is then quickly absorbed without leaving puddles.

8. An extra secret

Some species and varieties of cacti flourish at maturity, the age they reach after many years. When buying a cactus, buy it blooming to make sure you do not have to wait for years until you can see the flowers.

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