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Potted Jasmine Care – The Most Fragrant Indoor Plant

Jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers, and the indoor jasmine shrub is a real treasure in your apartment. Jasmine has small, white, simple or tattoo flowers, all very beautiful and beautiful. The sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers feels especially in the evenings, after the hot summer days and after the rain. Originally from Southern Europe, jasmine is a fall-leaf shrub, quite easy to care for.

Jasmine is less pretentious, making the good soil in the pots, even if it is slightly greasy and low in humidity. It prefers the sunny areas of the apartment, but he also works well in the penumbra.

Plant it in an area with south or west exposure. Before it blossoms, it must have plenty of water. If the spring was drought, help with water. She will reward you with flowers!

If it is not taught, it has a coarse appearance. If it has to support itself, it behaves like a hanging plant.

At maturity, it can reach 6 meters in height and blooms in the very first warm weeks of the year, usually in May-June. Flowers, white or pink, appear in bouquets, 3-5 each.

After the blooming ends, apply re-balancing and breeze cuts. Particular branches will be removed.

Without cutting, the bush will get a dull appearance and will blossom less.

Jasmine is a very resistant plant. As a rule, it does not show disease and is rarely attacked by pests.


The smell of jasmine flowers is a real enchantment!

– Cut the branches just before the freshness is opened and put them in the house in the vase.

– Jasmine must be rejuvenated by cutting every spring. If he grows up the wood, he will make few leaves and flowers.

– Also, every spring, all drying should be carefully removed, otherwise the bush will be hated when it blossoms.

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