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7 Air Purifying Plants Ideal For Your Office

Natural indoor plants in office space are an important component of social responsibility. Corporate jobs are becoming safer, greener and more responsive to the needs of employees. A healthy corporate environment certainly implies the presence of decorative natural plants in workspaces. Check out this article and find out the 7 best office plants that will purify the air.

Office plants have definite advantages in terms of social responsibility:

– Purification of air from various external factors;
– Maintaining a good psychic tone among employees;
– Diminishing the effects of “sick building syndrome” (which occurs in new buildings);
– Attenuation of the effects of factors generated by electromagnetic devices;
– Office plants mean oxygen, and oxygen means life.

So below, I present you the best 7 plants that will create the atmosphere and will ease your office work:

1. Schefflera

Literally, is created for smokers. It perfectly “attracts” and neutralizes nicotine and the tar contained in tobacco smoke.

2. The Devil’s Ivy

This plant cleans the air of benzene. Extended leaves perceive large amounts of this substance. It grows rapidly and can be seldom wetted.

3. Dracaena

This plant neutralizes formaldehyde. This plant eliminates formaldehyde toxic vapors, which in small quantities can be found in lakes, adhesives and PAL furniture.

4. The Spider Plant

Also known as St. Bernard’s lily, effectively removes exhaust gases. Therefore, this plant is a necessity for those living on the lower floors.

5. Chamaedorea Elegans

Also called the neanthe bella palm or parlour palm, actively moisturizes the air and filters it out of the plastic secreted substances.

6. Ivy

7. The Weeping Fig

The ivy and the weeping fig are both champions in air cleaning. They absorb a lot of toxic substances, including formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. The weeping fig is like a dust magnet.

Choose a few of these plants for your home or office and breathe easier.

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