5 Bedroom Plants That Help You Sleep Better

Room plants cheer up every house, they add color and filter the air. If you choose suitable bedroom flowers, they will help you to get better rest and give you a sense of relaxation. Keep on reading and see what I’ve got in store for you!

1. Madagascar Jasmine

madagascar jasmine

The delicate fragrance of this flower is accentuated during the night. However, it is not disturbing, on the contrary. A three-year study by American researchers shows that this climbing plant has a positive effect on our nervous system. It helps to lift your feelings of anxiety and fatigue and to wake up the next day with a better state of mind. The flower’s scent will give you a relaxed state of sleep before you go to sleep. In addition, it is not a pretentious plant at all, it can be kept in a bedroom where there is plenty of light in the morning. You only need to wet it often, because it needs a lot of moisture to grow and flourish.

2. Lavender


Its benefits are known and widely used in the perfume industry, the manufacture of medicines and herbal remedies. You can enjoy its beneficial effects if you grow it in the pot, being one of the most recommended bedroom flowers. Its specific flavor drives insomnia away. It will also calm and relax you for a better sleep. If you keep it close to the bed, the lavender scent has a slight sedative effect that will help you when the night comes.

3. White Gardenia

White Gardenia

The white gardenia flowers have the ability to induce sleep. After being tested on the lab mice, they had the same effect as valium tablets. Essential gardenia oil does wonders for you when you’re tired and need more rest. But you can buy a flower in a pot to enjoy the natural effects.

4. Aloe vera

aloe vera 1

The sage of this plant is known for its healing powers in case of burns, cuts or inflammation. But aloe vera is capable of many other beneficial things, less well known. According to recent studies, aloe vera can absorb the airborne chemicals released from detergents, furniture and carpets, perfumes you use, and even electronic devices. It helps to purify the air, being suitable for bedrooms and living room alike.

5. Red Dracaena

Red Dracaena

A beautiful and durable succulent shrub, which has adapted very well to the pot, Dracaena is an elegant room plant. Few know, however, that the red-colored variety is one of the best plants against harmful substances in the air, such as formaldehyde. It needs a lot of light and sunshine directly, so place it in the bedroom near the best-lit window.

5 bedroom plants that help you sleep better

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