How To Care For Your Indoor Staghorn Fern

The staghorn fern is a plant that grows in height in its natural environment. However, you can easily provide the conditions in your apartment. It is a beautiful plant that will get all your guests’ attention. So, if you want it, here are the best tips and tricks on how to care for your indoor staghorn fern.

First of all, let’s find out more about it!

The staghorn fern is often found on the tree of tropical forests. Rarely, it can be found among cliffs, in northern Australia as well as in New Guinea.

The staghorn fern is an epiphyte plant (it lives on the stems of another plant but, unlike parasitic plants, this fern uses another plant as a support) and it needs a humid atmosphere and a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius.

Why should you opt for a staghorn fern?

Well, this is a fern with a special appearance. The staghorn fern has leaves that are beneficial to these two types of functions: the growing on the tree of another plant and the production of substances needed to create new ones.

In Australia, in its natural habitat, it uses its brown leaves to cling to the triangle of trees and to collect the fallen organic remains. it is a fabulous plant to have indoors.

Remember! Never gather the dried leaves! You can see the unfavorable leaves that are round, flat and cover the entire stem. Every year, these leaves get dry, but you should never throw them out or try to destroy them.

However, the lower leaves, which provide fertilization of the soil with potassium and calcium to produce new leaves, are similar to the shape of a reindeer horn, hence the name.

In pots, it is good to have a mixture of soil with a loose structure, which also contains peat.

How Should The Indoor Staghorn Fern Be Cared For?

The light requirements:

– This plant likes bright places without the sunlight touching the plant directly.

The perfect temperature:

– The plant feels good at an average temperature of 20-22°C (during the summer), and 16-17°C for the winter. There are some varieties that can withstand even lower temperatures.

Watering tips:

– Compared to other ferns, this plant tolerates well the lack of water, but also a surplus water in pots. In winter it is good to moderate the spraying of the plant.

Humidity conditions:

– It is a pretentious plant for humidity, so it is recommended to periodically steam its environment. Also, it is very important that its fluffy leaves do not come into contact with water.

How to take care for your indoor staghorn fern

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