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3 Plants That Will Grow Better In Your Bathroom

If you are a passionate plants lover as I am, then there is no doubt. You need to have plants in your bathroom. Now, before going all weird on me, let me tell you, there are plants that will thrive in the bathroom. The bathroom is a warm and damp environment, unsuitable for most of the apartment plants, but for some plants, the bathroom seems to be the ideal place. Learn with this article the perfect plants that will grow better in your bathroom.

There are some plants that feel good in the bathroom, although space is small and often very light. However, in order to develop these bath plants, they need natural light.

Let’s see!

The Peace lily

It might look like a bush but it impresses through its long, lance-shaped leaves of bright green. The flowers are white-cream and particularly elegant. This plant loves penumbra and needs abundant moisture, both in the soil and in the atmosphere. Thus, the peace lily made the list for one of those plants that feel good in the bathroom.


This is one of those plants that was made to feel good in the bathroom. Columnea loves hot, humid and airless places. The optimum temperature this plant needs to always keep green is 12-15 degrees Celsius.

Elephant ear

The Elephant ear is another example of the series of plants that feel good in the bathroom. Originally from South America, it can reach 20-40 inches tall. It has marbled funnels and does not bear the sun at all, but it loves moisture and warm air.

Other perfect plants for your bathroom are Aloe vera, bamboo, Begonia, the miniature ficus, also fern and some cactus species. The latter should be carefully cared for and rarely soaked because they will take the water they need from the wet air in the bathroom.

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