How To Take Care For Lucky Bamboo – A Plant That Attracts Good Luck In Your Life

How do you grow an indoor bamboo? Well, it is incredibly simple, there are only a few rules to follow. And they won’t take up too much of your time. Here I come, to offer you some growing and caring tips for your indoor bamboo, an amazing plant that will carry your house’s luck! Keep reading!

A huge advantage for you is that an indoor bamboo is a plant that grows extremely light and it is very decorative. You can’t possibly do anything wrong, trust me! You will see that the bamboo leaves are exceptional in any room decoration. It also could live very well in the kitchen, in the living room and is harmless if you have cats or small children.

Thus, the general tip is that an indoor bamboo needs minimal care:

– First condition: water.
– Second: light.
– Third: a comfortable temperature.

At this point, there is no reason to opt out of this comfortable and highly elegant decorative plant. If you agree with me, find out exactly what you need to do.

An indoor bamboo feels good in a decorative transparent pot, garnished with white little stones, which have an important role. That is, the roots of the plant will remain attached to them. The plant loves water and does not particularly need soil.

However, if you have a bamboo already planted in a pot, you can leave it in the soil, but it must be watered abundantly because an indoor bamboo always needs fresh water. The ideal is rain or filtered water to avoid the absorption of toxic substances.

If you are not able to filter the water, you should consider using the water that has been in an open pot for 24 hours in order to decant and remove the chlorine from the water. The water from the pot must be changed completely once a week.

Even though an indoor bamboo needs light, it does not need direct sunlight. In the natural environment, bamboo grows in shady and very humid places. So, you don’t have to worry about it receiving or not the correct amount of sunshine.

Also, if you have problems with choosing a pot, you need to know a few things. They can be both a large exposed and thin pots. My favorite, however, is the tube pot, since bamboo does not need much free space. It will add a nice touch to it, don’t you think?

Moreover, once a month, an indoor bamboo has to be removed from its pot and washed under the jet of water. Insist on the roots, which must be clean, without adherence. The pot, the leaves, and the entire upper part must be washed thoroughly.

Every few days, wipe the leaves with a clean cloth to remove the dust. If any part of the bamboo turns yellow, cut it off and replace the bamboo in the water. New roots will come out of the stem.

In conclusion, with very little care, your indoor bamboo will live a healthy and prosperous life. And you can watch it grow and enjoy the sight of this plant for years.

How to take care for lucky bamboo A plant that attracts good luck in your life

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