3 Efficient Ways To Eliminate Any Trace Of Black Spot Fungus

A disease such as black spot fungus will first appear as black spots on the leaf. As the spots grow, there will be some rings of yellow which will spread on the whole leaf. Eventually, the leaf will die and fall off. Thus, the black spot fungus is the main cause for your falling leaves. Untreated, this serious disease will weaken your plant but with proper care, you can turn things around. Find out more about how you can eliminate any trace of black spot fungus for your plant optimal health.

1. Infected leaves should be treated immediately

To put it more accurately, you need to prune the infected leaves immediately. Thus, you will ensure the overall health of your plant. But this is only possible if you remove the infected leaves entirely.

Also, in order to prevent the spread of black spot fungus on the plant itself or on its soil, you need to discard them right away. This way, the infested leaves won’t be able to show up in another area of your house.

Moreover, you can also prevent the spreading with a disinfectant for your pruning tool. By disinfecting your tool, you will make sure you won’t damage another plant. Thus, prepare a solution of 1-part bleach to 4-parts water and spray it within easy reach.

2. On a larger scale, you also need to treat the infected areas too.

Thus, after pruning all the infected leaves, including those that have turned yellow or are about to, check your plant. You might need to also prune off the limbs and not only the leaves.

3. After doing this, it is recommended to try some natural remedies to prevent any appearance of black spot fungus again:

– One mixture would be a combination of 1 tbsp. baking soda, 2.5 tbsp. vegetable oil, 1 tsp. liquid soap, and 1-gallon of water. To be sure you won’t damage your plant further, you could first try it on a small infected area. If everything works out the way it should then you can go ahead and proceed with the solution.

– Another solution would consist of 1-part dairy milk to 2-parts water. You should spray the leaves with this solutions once each week.

– Also, for the spraying process, you could also use neem oil once every two weeks.

As a conclusion, resorting to these methods, you should be able to see a change in your plants pretty soon. Give their optimal health back by following the methods from this article. Also, let me know how everything develops.


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