7 Tips & Tricks To Get Rid Of Mealybugs On Indoor Plants

Now, if you are here, then you surely enjoy your indoor plants. However, with this pleasure comes pests, undesirable insects that ruin everything. But not if you know a few tips and tricks. Thus, learn how to get rid of mealybugs on indoor plants with this article.

Mealybugs are some insects that will seriously damage your flowers in the long run. Moreover, these insects produce honeydew, which is not good. With honeydew also comes ants and black mold. Let’s agree that mealybugs are a great enemy for your plants.

Take a step further and control mealybugs on your indoor plants as a main important step in maintaining plant health. This type of infestation can increase exponentially and it will most definitely cause the death of your indoor plants.

How to get rid of mealybugs:

1. Make sure to first check your houseplants for mealybug infestation if you just bought new ones. Before bringing them home, it is necessary that they were cared for in the store.

2. You can control mealybugs on indoor plants by not over-fertilizing your plants. The nitrogen-rich soil is a thriving condition for mealybugs. Thus, you need to make sure to only feed your plants when it is necessary.

3. Some means to remove mealybugs are paper towels or cloths. In this manner, you will make sure that you will eliminate mealybugs completely, not only displace them. When you are using paper towels, make sure to throw them out carefully in a plastic sack.

4. You could also use a cotton ball to dab the mealybugs. For this method to be more efficiently, soak the cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. This solution will dry the insects out.

5. There is also a great mixture you can use for sprinkling the plant. Prepare yourself a solution consisting of a gentle detergent and water.

6. Also, you can spray the plant with a soap or oil spray. Any kind of these sprays will kill instantly the mealybugs.

7. If the plant is seriously damaged due to mealybugs, you should get rid of it. Sometimes, the battle can’t be won. We need to accept this and move on. However, there will be a few lessons learned for the future so the mistakes won’t be repeated.

As a conclusion, I think you will also appreciate that I resorted mostly to natural solutions. This way, the elimination of mealybugs will be more efficient. Moreover, you won’t cause any other damage to your plants trying to give their health back. Hope you will enjoy your healthy plants with these tips and tricks in mind.

7 tips tricks to get rid of mealybugs on indoor plants

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