8 Natural Methods To Eliminate Scale Insects On Indoor Plants

Yes, unfortunately, scale insects also appear on your indoor plants. Most likely, the main cause is the ants. Due to the fact that ants love scale insects, your plants are infested.

The scale insects are most commonly found on the leaves and the stems of your indoor plants. However, if the problem persists, the scales insects will also appear at the root or in the stem crevices of your plants.

Thus, it is imperative to get rid of them. Untreated, the plant will face black mold. Not to mention that your house environment is at stake.

In order to keep everything in optimal health, check out these natural methods to eliminate scale insects on indoor plants.

1. Using a tweezer, you can easily pick these insects and collect them in a towel. After this operation, you need to quickly throw it away for disposal. However, this method works perfectly if you have plants with large leaves.

2. With a soaked in alcohol cotton ball, dab each insect. This is the best natural treatment for your plant id the level of infestation is minimal.

3. Prepare your own spray consisting of a mild dish soap. For optimal results, you should apply this mixture for at least 1 month regularly. You can choose whatever works best for you. Thus, you can either spray or wipe with a soft cloth the leaves of the plant.

Of course, I don’t recommend any other insecticide, but if you decide to use a commercial one, please read the label carefully and follow the given instructions.

4. In the situation of a plant that is heavily infested, I strongly recommend pruning. It won’t be easy, but at this point, trimming the plant will drastically reduce any sign of scale insects.

5. You can also resort to a horticultural oil or neem oil to eliminate the scale insects on your plant.

6. Another natural alternative would be a natural predator insect, such as ladybugs and lacewing. It sounds like an extreme resort, I know. But these predators will kill the scale insects instantly. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about them either, they will die shortly after due to starving.

7. One other method I practice myself is bathing my plants thoroughly by spraying them with a strong water shower. For this to be even more efficient, I place the plants in strong sunlight right after.

8. Another method you could try is scraping the stem with a sharp instrument.

9. Also, for the entire process to be complete, you should quarantine any areas of your home where you found infested plants. This way, you will not endanger the other plants.

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