Efficient Ways To Get Rid Of Mushroom Growing On Houseplants Soil

Even if it is your first time or you are an expert, you surely had this problem. It is not beneficial to your houseplants though. The mushroom growing is quite common in houseplants soil and you should do something about it as soon as possible. Thus, with this article, you will see how to get rid of mushroom growing on houseplants soil. I should also mention that I am an advocate for natural solutions. Thus, you can rest assured that everything is safe and sound!

The main causes for mushrooms growth

The main cause for mushroom growing on houseplants soil is a fungus. Due to this fungus, the mushrooms are growing exponentially, harming your plants. Their color is mostly yellow and depending on their maturity, the mushrooms will appear with a flat or balled cap.

Another cause for their growth is the spores. Due to an inappropriate soils mix, these spores are contaminating your plant, making the appearance of mushrooms more susceptible.

Other causes might be spores brushing off clothing or the toxic airborne movement.

Thus, the favorable conditions for mushrooms growing are mostly met in the summer. Thus, due to the warm, humid and moist conditions, the mushrooms will appear most frequently.

How to get rid of mushroom growth on houseplants soil?

Now that you know what is causing this growth, proceed further with the treatment. Let’s get right into it because it is not exactly an easy task.

In an infected soil, the spores will be quite difficult to remove. And you need to eliminate the spores to get rid of the fungus.

It is hard but not impossible. Here you have some efficient methods you should try:

1. Caps removal

When you remove the caps, you cut off the source of spores spreading. Thus, the mushroom growing will get slower so you can deal with it. In this phase, the growth is vulnerable and you need this to treat your plant soil.

2. Soil scraping

When you scrap about 2 inches of the plant’s soil, there is a chance you also cut off the regrowth of mushrooms. You can work around that in your pot to create a better condition for your plant.

3. Change the soil

Now, if scraping the soil didn’t solve the problem, you can absolutely change it. You need to make sure that the change is safely done and very gently. It needs to be gentle because it is difficult to remove the soil from the roots through rinsing or washing.

The method is your choice, but be careful to check closely if you were able to eliminate any trace of the fungus. Otherwise, there is a risk for a regrowth.

4. Wet thoroughly using a fungicide

Using a fungicide on the houseplant’s soil will also eliminate the mushrooms in houseplants. However, you need to insist with this fungicide for several times so the treatment could be more effective.

5. Use a nitrogen fertilizer

I think this is where the more aggressive approach is necessary. Attacking the fungus growth beneath the soil, you will manage to deter mushroom growing on houseplants soil.

Thus, this is where the nitrogen fertilizer comes in handy. It will decomposition the matter, leaving no source of regrowth for the mushrooms. Additionally, you can mix in some phosphorous and potassium fertilizer as well.

As a conclusion, eliminating the mushroom on houseplants soil is not an easy job. But I have confidence you will get there with these methods. Everything is environmentally free so there is no need for nasty chemicals.

Efficient ways to get rid of mushrooms growing on your houseplants soil 5

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